Being a chorister is a wonderful start to a young musician's training, and hopefully an experience they treasure for life! It is a big commitment, but one which is hugely rewarding. At St Mary's, we have trebles between the ages of 7 to 16, and children can join the Choir at any point between these ages - though boys with changed voices should enquire about membership of the adult choir as choral scholars. When they join the Choir, they will be given musical training - both practical (vocal technique and aural skills) and theoretical (how to read music etc). Below we answer some frequently asked questions; please don't hesitate to get in touch for information not provided here.


The Choristers of St Mary’s sing the top, or treble, line in the Choir. There are two parallel choirs:


Boy Choristers

for boys aged 7+ (Year 2+)

Boys rehearse on Fridays from 6pm-7.15pm

Either morning or evening service on Sunday (8.45am or 6.30pm)


Girl Choristers

for girls aged 7-16 (Years 2-11)

Girls rehearse on Fridays from 6pm-7.45pm

Either morning or evening service on Sunday (8.45am or 6.30pm)


The two choirs rehearse together on Friday evenings and share the services, singing together or alternating morning and evening services each week - both sing with our back row of teenage choral scholars and adults. Boys with changed voices (countertenors, tenors and basses) and girls singing alto and those aged 16+ make up our Choral Scholars, and receive specialist training. 


The Choristers also sing with the Choir at weddings for which they are paid, and they receive a modest termly allowance (according to seniority) for their work during the normal routine of services.


We currently have places available for boys in Year 3+, and places for girls in Years 4 & 6-10. For more information, please contact us.



  • Exceptional musical training delivered by a team of professional musicians (including one-to-one vocal coaching) - all free of charge
  • Opportunities to sing wonderful music in some of Britain's most beautiful buildings during cathedral visits
  • Subsidised singing, theory and instrumental lessons
  • The opportunity to gain qualifications from ABRSM and the Royal School of Church Music
  • Life-long love of music and singing
  • Termly pocket-money
  • Self-confidence, leadership skills and teamwork - and lasting friendships




What happens next 

Many ex boy choristers carry on singing with the Choir as Choral Scholars (altos, tenors or basses) when their voices change. Most girl choristers continue singing with the Choir until they leave school, and lots go on to university choral scholarships. 


Being a chorister is a great musical training for life; ex-St Mary's choristers include choral scholars at Sidney Sussex and Girton Colleges, Cambridge, and current choristers in the choirs of the Chapel Royal (St James'), Hampton Court Palace, St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle and Westminster Abbey.



Our choristers also sing with other choirs across London and beyond, currently including: Inner Voices, London Youth Choir and the National Youth Choirs of Great Britain.


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