The 'back row' of the Choir (altos, tenors, and basses) is made up primarily of adult volunteers. Our singers come from a wide range of backgrounds - some have come relatively late to singing, while others were choristers (some at St Mary's!). We are always happy to hear from prospective singers who would enjoy the challenge of singing at St Mary's.

When do services and rehearsals take place?

Our main adult rehearsal is on a Friday night, between 7.45pm and 9.00pm. We then rehearse before each service - beginning at 8.45am on Sunday morning and 5.30pm on Sunday evening.


The Choir is on holiday during the weeks that follow Christmas and Easter, and for the whole of August.



Probationers: 6.00pm - 7.00pm

Choristers: 6.00 - 7.45pm

Back Row: 8.00 - 9.15pm


Sunday (am)

All: 8.45am-10.40am (service at 9.30am)


Sunday (pm)

All: 5.30pm-7.30pm (service at 6.30pm)

Do I need to be able to read music?

Ideally, yes! Because we sing a lot of music with limited rehearsal time, it is very hard to keep up if you need to learn things 'by ear'. Therefore it is important to have some background knowledge of music-reading. However, if you've not sung for a long time, don't be put off! The Director of Music is always happy to help those wishing to improve their sight-reading and general musicianship.